Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cockatoo island: but where are the cockatoos?

Sweet little rock located in the harbour, rich in history involving prisoners or convicts or the military or something of the like. 
Surprisingly good food and always good times.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Powderhounds unite; Aus snow season at thredderz

Australia; a land of farming, deserts, alright beaches, and the odd marsupial or something.
But down south at the snowies, something magical was happening. Something not seen for many a season.

After a late night departure from central involving 3am food breaks and maccas breakfast we found ourselves at Thredbo's radiant white slopes. The weather held out with the odd break of sunshine giving bluebird conditions that made for unbelievable powder riding. With round 15cm of fresh fall every night coming right down to the village this was a snow season from another world.
Take me to the mountain

Es, Than, Monica :)

Night Skiing

Rail Jam

Jason calling out Torstein 

The morning of our last day saw some heavy winds and light fall high up the mountain putting Kosciuszko chairlift on hold until afternoon. But when we dedicated few made the journey to the highest lifted point, and headed into the backcountry, what we found at 2000m was something extraordinary...

Deep enough even for Jason

Nothing better than a powder day on the golf course

New Zealand - Coronet, Remarks, and Cardies

2 mates
3 mountains
11 days
17 beersies (prime number)

and like, 3 feet of air

New Zealand; the land of Ferg, Teapots, Frolf, and pow. After rolling up to the airport in some fine smelling mercedes monster, and getting stopped at customs due to sleep deprived me struggling to read departure forms, we were allowed into the heart of adventure - qt. After smashing down some ferg and taking copiously long showers at novotel we were up to smash some fresh lines and bring steeze back to the slopes. 

Welcome to winter

The Jason


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

If it's cold enough, all tea is iced tea

After coffee and second breakfast at Il Postinos, Ben N, Jason and I spent the day down in the depths of Porters Pass in a futile attempt to escape the chilling windstorm that engulfed the upper mountains.

Played around on Powerbra Rangers and then Jas and Ben gave Chook Lotto a solid effort before we bailed to the Alex for a few rounds of pool with a new friend we made over some beers. 
A good hustle in some bad weather.

Jason with notable steeze
Ben N warming up

Making a dog's breakfast of it as always

Ben N styling through the thin crux

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Winter in the mountains

Finally finished what felt like a marathon of a semester (note: author has never run a marathon), and I am finally back in the blueys. Was climbing out at Medlow bath yesterday with Jason, Es, Steph, and Hannan; feeling super weak and trying to stay standing in some solid wind and cold.

With Jas at work, hannan and I took the day to tear down the mountains in our respective imprezas and take some photos of leura cascades.
Leura Cascades

Generic Visit Blue Mountains ad
Toasted Sandvich cafe at Leura

Windswept Hannan

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hoppípolla; puddles at the glen

First time outdoors at a crag since having surgery. Feels incredible to breathe the cool, misty mountains air again as we headed out on a rainy afternoon at shipley plateau. Although not strong enough (or allowed to climb yet), it was a brilliant day with great people regardless. 

Damp conditions, mist and rain made the rock challenging to grip as those climbing fought hard to find any friction.

Gene displaying dedication and strength on Madge and Trix

Centennial Glen - Main wall, Chris climbing Madge McDonald (25)

Zion waiting for someone to play fetch
Arnold smiles :)

Jason chalking up - Trix Roughly, 26

Ben Lane (Jenga) - The Disintegrator, 24

Jason, Ben, Gene, Chris (from left)

Photo credit - Sneaky photo by Jason Nguyen