Monday, 2 January 2017

Interlude of Inhibitions

Sometimes our time is stolen by work and study. 
We forge ahead in the hope that new adventures will once again arrive; that our resolve to carry on and hold out will be soon succeeded by freedom and discovery. Thoughts relentlessly converge on nostalgia, memory is the furniture and crockery of an antique store that is curated, restored, and polished to a grade and quality far exceeding its former standing. So we are to bound ahead with pace and purpose, clear the salt plains and arid flats, until immersed in the crisp mountain air; air not bottled, exported, imagined, but discovered, experienced, pursued. 
The best climbs have the longest walk-ins,
And the best best powder stash is over the ridge.

Busy semester is that much wasn't so obvious already. Many excuses for not going out, few of them very convincing. In the meantime i'm sharing a few photos with some character to fulfil my civic duties to the blogging cause.

A study in sunglasses, Ohope

 Somewhere on Coromandel Peninsula


Jason, Wakatipu

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