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Compelling Coffee Concoctions and the Bashful Bakeries of Bathurst

I arrive at Bathurst for placement, one brisk morning where i'm finding use for the ice-scraper stashed in the glovebox of the subaru, of all places I did not expect to be so perilously cold. Bracing gusts of wind find no challenge in piercing the appreciably thin knit i've chosen this morning as I anxiously search for the nearest caffeine distribution hub. Today it was Piccolo's, however committing to a single coffee shop requires sufficient research and proper dedication; so here is the unpretentious guide to the coffee and baked goods of Bathurst.

Author assumes you haven't seen ice on a car before. Author is a bit of a git.


Piccolo's on William
A central location and eclectic vibe make this coffee house a welcoming visit, and set a high standard for bean juice of Bathurst. Especially cosy on a crispy cold morning, the friendly baristas will bring warmth to you, inside and out.

One of the newer and trendier locations to visit i'm told, Ristretto attracts a local crowd of arabica aficionados. Attention to source, blend, and extraction make this a welcome addition to the list.

The Hub
One of the busiest and regularly mentioned attractions, the Hub is in many ways the scene when it comes to the robusta ramblings of rural residents. Be it known that the Hub pull some powerful and punchy shots, so fair warning to the caffeine sensitive among us to surreptitiously select a 'small'.

Byron Bay Coffee Co / Gunthers Lane
Often the site for pre-work coffee collection, the Byron bay coffee co provide a fairly good coffee for those wandering by. A few wooden crates out front add to the inner city vibe.

Crema on George / Hole in the wall
Probably the trendiest of locations to be spotted, Crema has the closest thing to cult-like fame and status of all coffee destinations. One could convincingly be consuming this carefully crafted and fresh roasted bean in any major city, and it has considerable capacity to pick you up off the floor after midday exhaustion sets in.

Al Dente
We arrive at the unexpected home of a truly flavourful experience. Al Dente is an unassuming corner cafe that should boast one of the best bean brews in Bathurst town. Coffee is bright, bold, and blended to deliver a burst of buoyancy to your day. 

Devine Gallery / (that tattoo place that also does coffee)
Top end of town, the tattoo gallery provides a surprisingly pleasant alternative to source your morning supply. Friendly barista, refreshing coffee, and feel free to browse the many tattoo and punk-art brochures, books, and magazines whilst you sip. 

Moubar Vintage / the coffee camper outside church bar
It's difficult to know what to expect from a mobile coffee provider. Let me reassure you. Moubar vintage is a gem, hidden down Ribbon Gang lane in the centre of town. Almost like a mirage, this coffee destination rewards the intrepid traveller with the friendliest service and stellar coffee to match. Nothing better for your morning fix, to calm those pre-coffee tremors, you caffeine junkie. Caffeine addiction and Moubar vintage, I highly recommend them both.

Venue cafe bar
Opposite the GPs, venue is the regular haunt for coffee. Good service, good coffee, no complaints. 

The Grind
The grind is probably one of the more office-coffee-run oriented of businesses. And likely the provider of coffee to the boys in blue located opposite. Has coffee, nothing more.

The Hen and Bow Espresso Bar
Located out towards Kelso, the bar is positioned to be a drive-by, coffee and go venue for those on the way to town. In any case, I certainly found use for it as such. Decor is in keeping with the coffee-culture standard, coffee was ok.

The Royal Society Cafe
Pretentious title - probably. Coffee to back it up - well, yes. Middle of town, friendliest barista, tastiest coffee. The Royal Society Cafe lives up to the hype. 
Go enjoy a resplendent, re-invigorating roast.

Johnny Bean Good drive through coffee
Quirky name, novelty already worn off, exhaust fumes, sitting in car, feel lazy, talk to person through window, traffic crawl, waiting, smelling exhaust fumes, burnt tongue, tastes like exhaust fumes.

Porters Cafe
Talkative barista, friendly atmosphere, coffee didn't exceed expectations.

Bake, Table and Tea
If you manage to find the coffee, which is in a hidden cafe, inexplicably located at the back corner of a cooking and kitchenware store, then please ask why they thought the aforementioned layout necessary. Fairly good coffee. Can't see myself returning.

Vanilla Bean
Actually a restaurant that I was meaning to try. Despite being called vanilla bean, they perform no disservice to the other sort of bean that is the centre of our discussion. A sharply-presented barista will present you with a neatly dressed cappuccino to accompany you back to the office. Smooth, soulful, and sophisticated. 


Legalles Patisserie
I could justifiably end the list right here. Legalles is somewhat of a longstanding institution in Bathurst and justifiably so. You will hear nothing but praise for the immensely delicate, intangibly flavourful, and carefully crafted creations of Legalles.
 I take an aside for a story. Buying socks for fathers day in the working clothes and outfitters store opposite, I'm singing high praise for the French patisserie. Apparently i'm not alone in this sentiment, and am told that the store attendant's 11 year old son has opted out of the traditional birthday cake, instead insisting on one of Legalles fine lemon tarts. I'm told he cites an appreciation for the finer things in life as justification of this flagrant disregard for the established customary cake and candles. His mother hopes that his future career will prove permissive to the ongoing development of such a refined palate. 

Paragon Bakery
Central locale, refreshing price point, fresh bread, pies, pastry. Recommend it.

MV Bakery (i think)
Small bakery in the mall. Reasonable pies.

Cara's Bakery
(One of/The) longest standing bakery in town, Cara's has built a reputation for itself in the collective consciousness of Bathurst. And after being recommended by numerous local citizens, it is with a tone of muted disappointment that I find myself describing the experience. Speaking of sandwiches and pies, neither price point nor product were on point. I can already pre-empt a prolific posting of protestations, so I shall say I wouldn't recommend, promote pacification, and leave it at that.

Church Bar
Rejoice, pizza people of Bathurst. Church bar is the edgy, upbeat, somewhat sacrilegious, universally trendy destination for you. What was once a church is now a converted restaurant, equipped with woodfire pizza oven, beer on tap, and a live DJ for some reason. Don't be dissuaded. With outdoor seating, indoor fireplace, and an exhaustive pizza menu; go to catch up with mates, on a date, or with the family.

Bathurst Bakery
Next door to the GP. I'm told they do great sandwiches. They totally do.

Bernard's Bakery
North side of town (i think), pleasant little number. No complaints.

Sweet Caramel
Recommended to visit by a (girl)friend of a friend, Sweet Caramel is probably the place to go when it comes to refined morning tea dining. Featuring a captivating interior decor, it's got a certain high-tea ambiance going on. It hits the taste buds as hard as it hits the bank account, but if you're vibing some vivacious voul au vents then probably call in.

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